Oct 5, 2010

Antilles Spas/Retreats

Bucuti Beach Resort Spa - Aruba For the sophisticated traveler, this spa offers aromatherapy, massage, facials, wraps, scrubs and a wide assortment of spa packages.  Enjoy the pool, lounge on the deck, walk the beach, or use the outdoor fitness area.

Hotel Kura Hulanda Spa - Curacao is located in a five-star hotel and casino in the center of Willemstad, the island's capital city.   The spa offers six treatment rooms, a sauna and steam room, specialty massages, and body treatments among an eco-pond and gardens.

Jungle Bay Spa/Retreat - Dominica features five private yet semi-open studios suspended along the cliff side overlooking the Atlantic ocean.  The spa is located on a 55 acre lush, tropical jungle resort with a yoga centre, hiking trail, and beach. An Island Fitness Boot Camp and yoga retreats are offered throughout the year.


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