Dec 17, 2010

Gift Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I'd mention a few items that would make a great gift for Christmas or any other occasion.  Since this is the "Pampered Pirate", these items have either a body/mind theme or pirate/travel theme with the exception of the book, "All Rise".  This book was written by a  local author and it's a great crime/drama that also gives a glimpse of what it was like to live in the aftermath of "Hurricane Katrina".  Since I'm a New Orleans native that survived the hurricane, I thought I'd mention this book and great local author.  Also, I thought I'd mention the book "Bumfuzzle", which was written by a cruising couple in their 30's who had no prior sailing experience.  I love following their blog! I haven't read their book, but it is on my "wish list"!


KINDLE:  This is great for saving space in a boat, and I'm still waiting to get this!

MOVIES:  These movies make great gifts as well!  "Seven Years in Tibet" is based on the true story of a man's experience (played by the gorgeous Brad Pitt) in Tibet around the 1940's and his meeting with the Dalai Lahma during the rough times (still rough) between the Buddhists and China.  It's a fantastic (and educational) movie!   The other is a hilarious comedy that is a must for any boat lover!

There's also a few great gift ideas on our sidebar.  The "Toms Shoes" ad features One for One, which means that when you buy a pair of their really comfortable (I love mine) shoes, a pair is also given to a needy child in other parts of the world.  It's like two gifts in one!  There's also a wine club, which provides a monthly shipping of wine.  It's a great deal for anyone who likes to be "pampered"!  And don't forget our shirts, backpacks, lotions, soaps and shower gels!  They're a fun and unique gift for any occasion, man or woman!


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