Jan 7, 2011

Taking it Off!

Yesterday my 18 year old daughter had her first massage!  We gave her an appointment with the local spa for Christmas.  I was thinking about her at the time of the appointment, and was hoping that she was enjoying it.  I was also thinking that she would be so glad that I wasn't in the same room with her when the massage therapist told her to "take it off"!

I was in my 30's before I had my first massage, and I haven't had too many.  Not that I wouldn't like to lay in a dim and relaxing room while having my muscles kneaded more often, but it doesn't always fit in my budget.  Anyway, it wasn't too long ago that my mother and I booked a massage together.  We thought it would be quality time spent together, with lunch beforehand.

It had been quite some time since my last massage, so when my mother and I were led into the candle-lit room with sounds of water and nature in the background I was delighted.  As the hostess was closing the door behind her, she turned towards us and said, "Just hang your robes on the hooks, get under the sheets, and someone will be with you shortly".  With that, the door closed and I found myself starting to panic.  You see, when we first arrived we were told to take off ALL our clothes and put on the soft, white robes that were provided.  So here we were, completely naked under our robes and now we were being told to take them off and put them "on the hooks".  The problem was that the hooks seemed to be a mile away from our tables where we could hide under the sheets!

Now, I'm normally not that modest, and have no problem changing in the gym's locker room.  I try to be as quick and discreet as possible, but it's really not that big of a deal to me.  However, having to take my robe off in front of my mother then walk across the room completely naked was not something I cared to do.  Also, I knew my mom had to be thinking the same thing!

So, I'm standing in the room that's supposed to be so relaxing and trying to come up with a plan, and quick!  At that point I look towards my mother and I swear she's experiencing the same thing.  We're just standing there like a deer in headlights.  Using my logic of  "just addressing the problem", I quickly suggested that I turn my back "and not look" while my mother slipped under the covers.  My mom didn't object, and she let me know when she was tucked in.  Okay, but now it's my turn and mom can't turn her back!  Oh well, I just have to hang my robe and make a run for the table.  I don't think she was looking anyway, but I almost missed the hook and was trying to remain graceful as I slipped under the warm sheets covering the table.

Once I was tucked in, my mom and I laughed at our modesty.  We enjoyed a fantastic massage and I couldn't have been more relaxed when the massage was over ... until I realized I had to get the robe back on!  Oh, please!

So, my daughter was by herself for her first massage.  She said it was "awesome", and she didn't have to worry about where the hook was!  So remember, if you're having a massage with someone else ... be prepared to "take it off"!


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