Mar 7, 2012

Pelican Eyes Resort - San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur Pictures, Images and Photos

Back in the 80's,  Nicaragua was associated with political turbulence and danger.  However, today's Nicaragua is "the new Costa Rica", with rain forests, beautiful beaches, coffee plantations and an abundance of exotic animals and plants.  Just about one million tourists visited Nicaragua last year, and there are several beautiful resorts to choose from when planning a vacation to the area.

The Pelican Eyes Resort, located in San Juan del Sur, is one such resort.  San Juan del Sur is on the Pacific Coast and is known for its ideal surfing conditions, with uninterrupted winds blowing from the Caribbean coast throughout the year.  The resort offers morning and evening yoga, sailing, surfing, and horseback riding in the surrounding hills.  Pelican Eyes Resort also has its own spa, featuring a full range of services and treatment packages in a variety of beautiful surroundings.  From the infinity pools to the lush and tranquil gardens, this resort is a great example of how Nicaragua has evolved and overcome adversity!


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